8 Summer Plumbing Issues to Watch Out For

We Albertans are a rugged bunch. We tolerate—and even enjoy—the winter months, building snowmen, skating, skiing, visiting ice castles, and taking in winter festivals, but most of us look forward to our long, hot, sunny summers.

summer plumbing

While wintertime plumbing issues are no longer on your mind, you may not be thinking about issues that may come up in the summer. Warm months make us more active and we use our appliances, electricity, and water more than we do in any other season!

Leaks, flooding, clogs and blockages, and faulty appliances can all cause issues in the summer, so here are a few common problems to watch out for.

The Top 8 Summer Plumbing Issues

1. Garburator Problems

Summertime is the best time for cookouts, potlucks, and backyard BBQs, which can also mean a lot of food prep, dishes to wash, and food waste. Your garburator will have its work cut out for it!

More use means more wear, and you don’t want this handy household appliance to break down. Read our previous blog on how to clean and maintain your garburator.

2. Standing Water in the Yard

This could be a sign of a leak in the sewer system. These leaks can cause corrosion and breed mold and insects. If you’re experiencing dampness in your basement, a sump pump can pump water away from your foundation.

Even in Sherwood Park, Edmonton, or Fort Saskatchewan, it can be good to have a sump pump. While Southern Alberta saw major flooding in 2013, the Edmonton area also had the most rain we’d seen since 2003! We offer sump pump services at Canuck Plumbing. Read more about our services.

3. Sump Pump Not Working

Already have a sump pump? Maybe yours isn’t working the way it should. It may be time for a repair or replacement before you end up with a flooded home.

It could also be a good time to consider installing a sump pump alarm which can actually save you money on your home insurance. Summer is a great time to catch up on yard work and home maintenance because let’s face it – our Alberta weather can be quite unpredictable throughout the other three seasons.

4. Clogged Drains

Kids around the house? Keep an eye on your sinks, drains, and especially toilets! Excess dirt and mud in the sinks can cause drain blockages. Toilets are tempting for children, and unfortunately they don’t always realize that most things should not be flushed. See our article here for more things to keep out of the toilet.

In the case of a clog, here are some of our previous articles on how to unclog your sink, how to unclog your shower, or your bathtub drain.

5. Higher Water Bills

This may not necessarily be a plumbing issue, but since it is household water-related, it is included here. During the summer people tend to use more water due to more loads of laundry, watering plants, filling wading pools, and washing dirty animals, just to name a few.

Save on water bills by not leaving sprinklers running (any avid gardener will tell you to water your garden an lawn first thing in the morning and then again in the evening, never during the heat of the day), using grey water (also known as rain or runoff water) to water your plants, and using the washing machine for full loads only.

It’s also a great idea to check your pipes and plumbing fixtures (toilets, ice makers, washing machines, and faucets) for leaks and get them fixed right away.

6. Swimming Pool Issues

Your swimming pool should be a source of joy and relaxation, not a headache. Avoid an out-of-order pool this summer by having your Canuck Plumbers check your tubing, pumps, drains, and lines before pool season arrives.

7. Outdoor Faucet Leaks

Even a small leak in your outdoor faucet can waste hundreds of litres of water, increasing your water bill, creating a pool of muddy water underfoot, or even causing water damage to your home.

Call us to schedule a service appointment to get your hose bib repaired before these issues come up.

summer plumbing issues8. Water Heater Turned up Too High

During the summer months, you can turn down the water heater from 140 F to about 120 F (or 49 C). You won’t notice the difference, and you’ll save a little bit on utilities. Don’t turn the water down any further or you risk having bacteria grow.

This is also a good tip all year round because you can also turn the water heater down when you go on vacation.

Do you have any concerns about these issues? Do you need your drainage system checked by a professional? Are you thinking about getting a sump pump to protect your home from flooding? We can help you with all these plumbing issues and more and we are available 24/7 in case emergencies arise. Just call Canuck Plumbing and Heating today – 587-803-1030!

Comment below with your summertime tips, and share with your friends to help them avoid annoying summer plumbing issues.

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