The Ultimate Guide to Sherwood Park

Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada is only 60 years young, but it has already become one of the best places to live in the country. Like Edmonton, it is swiftly expanding to accommodate new residents and visitors and has all the amenities of a city but with a small community feel. Traffic is light, people are polite, and there are so many things to do!

Whether you’re new, visiting, or a long-time resident, this guide will show you where to eat great food, find entertainment, experience culture, and shop.

Restaurants in Sherwood Park

The people of Sherwood Park love to eat out. Zomato lists over 170 places to eat in this community of 68,000 people. You don’t have to go far to satisfy whatever culinary craving you have because they have virtually every type of popular cuisine Canadians love.

If you’re looking for something special, Sherwood Park has some lovely hidden gems and traditional favourites. One gem is a beautiful restaurant located in Greenland Garden Centre, “Canada’s Best Garden Centre.” The restaurant, Branches, serves “decadent pastries and authentic wood fired pizzas.” It’s a great place to meet for afternoon tea after taking a stroll through Greenland’s serene indoor garden.

Another notable place to eat is the volunteer-run coffee house inspired by The Carrot in Edmonton, Common Ground Community Cafe. Yes, volunteer run! They built and staffed the cafe entirely with volunteers, of which there are no shortage. Currently, 45 baristas offer their services for free, which is a testament to the generous people of Sherwood Park.

Admirably, Common Ground’s goal is “to make our community and the world a better place.” But don’t go because they “deserve” your patronage, go for their open mic night (featuring poetry, music, stories, and more) or painting classes, and check out the artist showcase (like this month’s artist, Lyn Vik). Be sure to try their popular Dill Pickle Soup!

From the mouths of locals, a couple of favourites are the Pasta Pantry and Nitza’s Pizza. Both serve cheesy, perfectly cooked comfort food that is reasonably priced and highly addictive. These two are the top-rated restaurants of their categories for a reason!

Looking for a snack or a refreshing smoothie? Hit up Booster Juice for your fruit fix. Booster Juice has become a leader in the smoothie business with over 300 locations–and it started right here in Sherwood Park!

So if you haven’t already, support local Sherwood Park restaurants and give these places a try.

Sherwood Park Community Centre

A relatively recent addition is the elegant, modern Sherwood Park Community Centre. It is “a focal point for civic life and community celebration” where the main points of interest are the library, the art gallery, and the indoor farmers’ market.

Sherwood Park Library

Sherwood Park’s library is impressive. The architecture and design is very thoughtful and interesting to look at. It makes the library an inviting place to explore and relax in. It’s fully equipped with modern computers and resources, the staff are friendly and helpful, and there are book clubs, programs, and events to take part in too.

Looking for something new to read? Check out some of the new titles here. They also have magazines, ebooks, DVDs (regular and Blu-Ray), audio books, and CDs.

Stop by to check it out, and get a free library card while you’re there.

Sherwood Park Indoor Farmers’ Market

During the summer, there are a few farmers’ markets in Sherwood Park, but there is an indoor one that is open year-round on Wednesdays from 4-8 p.m. in the Community Centre. Stock up on top-notch perogies (Maria Homestyle Perogies), veggies from the Mennonites, free range eggs, local honey, gifts, sweets, and more. Check out the Sherwood Park Farmers’ Market website for more details.

Sherwood Park Art Gallery

The Community Centre has an art gallery where artists from all over Canada can display their work. You can see what’s coming up via the gallery’s website.

Fun Things to do in Sherwood Park


In a place called Sherwood Park, it’s no surprise that this community has a couple of awesome places where you can channel their inner Robin Hood. T&T is a small shop with indoor archery lanes.

Beginners and experts alike are welcome here, so it makes a great date idea or afternoon of fun with your kids. They host parties too!

They are professional and courteous to everyone who comes in, and it’s just $12 to shoot as long as you want!

archery Sherwood park

T&T is conveniently located beside the new authentic, street-style Mexican place, No Way Jose Taqueria and The Canadian Brewhouse so you can grab a bite afterwards with your date.

If archery is truly a hobby or something you’re looking to get into, Sherwood Park Archery is the place for you. It’s “members only” for adults, and you’ll have access to the indoor range, with a variety of targets from straw bales to foam animals, and an outdoor range where you can really test your skills.

Festival Place

Festival Place is the main venue for theatre in Sherwood Park (although Bev Facey High School puts on excellent performances every year. Find more information here. You can see all kinds of shows at Festival Place. Recently CBC’s The Irrelevant Show was there, Disney’s Mary Poppins was on over Christmas, and many talented artists play there every month.

Check out their upcoming shows here. 

Millennium Place

This recreation center is the place to be. It has everything–even a Second Cup and Coyote Jack’s for a coffee, snack, or meal. Millennium Place is all about fun and fitness. Their fitness area is gigantic and has all the latest yoga, cardio, and weightlifting equipment and an indoor track. They have a wave pool, hot tub, steam room, and lane swimming. They’ve got skating covered too. There’s a small rink that is open daily attached to a full-sized that offers public skating at specific times.

Take advantage of this great facility; monthly membership under $50 and dropping in is only $9 for full access for the entire day!

Broadmoor Spray Park

What better a way to cool off in the hot summer than an outdoor spray park? The Broadmoor Spray Park is a great new addition to Sherwood Park, located right behind Kinsmen Leisure Center off Fir Street. Ever the conscious community, the spray park uses a recirculating water system where the water gets collected, cleaned and reused, and the soft, non-slip flooring was made from 13,000 recycled tires!

Parks in Sherwood Park

You’ll find playgrounds all over The Park and a handful of specialty parks too. Millennium Place has a skate park that is always filled with skateboarders, bmxers, and the people who film them.

The pampered pooches of Sherwood Park also have a place to get off-leash and play with other dogs at the Deermound Off-leash Park. Expect to see a lot of Shelties and have chats with other dog lovers.

If you’re looking for a playground or park in Strathcona County, there’s an app for that! And of course, every school has a park. Click here for the full list of parks in the county.

Sherwood Park Bowl

Sherwood Park Bowl is a little dated, but it’s relaxed, convenient, and run by friendly people. It’s also adorably “old school” Sherwood Park. Before this hamlet exploded, streets were named after trees (Fir, Alder, Elm, Sycamore, etc) and birds (Swallow, Starling, Kingfisher), and an area called Nottingham that is just down the road from Fox Haven. The bowling alley’s party packages are similarly cute–you can still get the King Richard, the Friar Tuck, the Maid Marion, or splurge on the Earl of Huntington option.

Another reason to go is the price. At just $7 for an adult, it’s a lot of fun for just a few dollars.

Looking for more things to do in Sherwood Park?

Check out the current list of Groupons for things to do in The Park.

Share this article with your friends and neighbours and encourage them to join you for a swim, a dog-walk, or a bite to eat.

Have we missed anything? Let us know in the comments below. What are your favourite places in Sherwood Park?

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