Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta: A hub of activity where we work hard and have a lot of fun!

Do you find yourself asking ‘What is there to do in Fort Saskatchewan’? Well, we have compiled a bunch of fun facts and things to do in the great city!

Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, is a hub of industrial activity. Dow Chemical, Agrium, Shell, and more big-name companies have a huge presence here in this small city. White trucks with buggy whips are a common sight along Highway 21/1. If you were staring out the window of your Holiday Inn Express or Super 8 hotel room, you could put yourself to sleep counting them go by.

Maybe you’re just visiting, or maybe you’re thinking about living in The Fort and looking for interesting and fulfilling things to do with your downtime. Just as likely, you already live in Fort Saskatchewan and you want to get a little better acquainted with your home. Lucky for you, there is a lot for you to do without leaving town.

Here are a few interesting facts, along with some fun things to do, here in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta:

There are sheep that maintain the green spaces in Fort Saskatchewan!

While this might not seem like the most exciting thing about a city, it certainly is unique. The City of Fort Saskatchewan keeps a flock of around 50 sheep to help maintain the park’s turf during the summer. Sheep aren’t necessarily the best lawnmowers—they tend to focus on certain areas and do an uneven job at best—but they have become a huge attraction for locals and tourists alike.

These “Finnsheep” and their Border collie shepherds are welcoming and friendly. You can visit them as they are herded between four locations and experience their adorable sheepy nature. Bring some carrots and prepare to be surrounded! Find more information in the sheep grazing program here.

Check out Fort Saskatchewan’s Food Scene!

If you like food, you’ll be glad you’re in Fort Saskatchewan. They have the standard grocery stores like No Frills (basically Superstore), Co-op, Giant Tiger, Walmart, and Safeway, but they also have a wonderful selection of restaurants.

A couple of favourites would have to be House of Hong for Chinese food. They serve heaping plates of chow mein, ginger beef, and even BBQ duck for those who are so inclined.

If you’re looking for amazing diner fare, you need to go to The Downtown Diner. The Downtown Diner will blow your expectations out of the water. The fries, a staple of any diner, are some of the best out there. They are thick, crispy, and perfectly salted. Their Monte Cristo sandwich is a special kind of wonderful: Ham, cheese, turkey, and mayo sandwiched between puff pastry. But don’t take my word for it, dozens of Yelpers have already sung their praises, giving it an average of four and a half stars out of five, which is better than some of Edmonton’s most popular places to eat like The Sugarbowl, Pampa, and even Meat!

Surf on over to this Fort Saskatchewan gem’s Facebook page for pictures of the food, their daily specials, and more customer reviews.

Fancy a Game of Golf?

Golf: Both super fun and gratifying and ground-smashingly frustrating at times. If you golf, this is a great place for you to get into the game. There is the Fox Run Golf Course right in town and the Crosswinds Driving Range just south of Fort Saskatchewan, about five minutes away.

golf Fort Saskatchewan

After a long day at work or if you’re just out to enjoy the weather on your day off, a few good whacks will make you smile, whether it’s because you made some excellent strokes or some hilariously bad ones, and whet your appetite for some always-on-special wings at Pot’s Bar and Grill.

Pot’s Bar and Grill is a great pub and a local favourite with their juicy, tasty wings, friendly staff, and large menu. It’s also a great place to meet up with friends for a fun time.

Recreation and Events in Fort Saskatchewan!

Fort Saskatchewan likes to keep busy! Yes, even in this city of fewer than 30,000 people, there are many events to attend.

The Sheeptown Players Society hosts an annual talent show at the Shell Theatre, and the theatre is also host to great performers like April Wine and Chantal Kreviazuk. Check out upcoming shows and buy your tickets here.

More fun things to get involved in are pancake breakfasts, loonie swims at Harbour Pool, rallies, and dive-in movies where you watch a movie in the pool! Check out the City’s event page for more details.

The Fort also has a movie theatre, a state-of-the-art recreation complex, and a bowling alley to keep you fit and fully entertained.

Insider Scoop: If you’re around on July 1st, be sure to take in the Canada Day Parade, which is the best in the region!

Attention Walkers, Runners, Bikers, Skiers, Rollerbladers, and Skateboarders: There are so Many Trails in Fort Saskatchewan!

The North Saskatchewan River flows through Fort Saskatchewan, and the city gives you many opportunities to partake in its beauty. There are over 75 kms of trails, including single-track hiking and biking trails along the river. Many of these trails can be enjoyed on cross-country skis—just don’t forget your snacks and hot chocolate.

You’ll find all kinds of parks in this community too: Off-leash dog parks, toboggan hills, public skating, and places to bike, skateboard, or rollerblade are abundant.

Season-specific Things to Enjoy in Fort Saskatchewan!

pick raspberries Fort Saskatchewan

A couple last things to mention are the glories of nature: If you are walking down 99 Ave during springtime you will walk beside Fort Saskatchewan’s beautiful cherry trees in bloom. Cherries weren’t always common in Alberta, but thanks to a few avid cultivators, they are here for you to enjoy.

Also nearby is the Horse Hill Berry Farm. If you’re a fan of raspberries, you may want to clear a weekend in July to go out and harvest your fill of nature’s candy.

Share your favourite things about Fort Saskatchewan in the comments below, and share on social media, and get your friends involved in this great city!

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