BioSmart – A Natural Way To Unclog Your Drains

Looking for a way to clear and prevent clogged drains without harsh chemicals?

BioSmart technology has created an all-natural and environmentally-friendly drain cleaner called BioSafe DC, which is a biological drain and septic system cleaner.

How does BioSmart technology work?

BioSmart Scientific Ltd. is a Canadian biotechnology company that has been focused on creating waste elimination and bioremediation systems for commercial and residential use, allowing for the reduction of pollution in a non-toxic and efficient way.

The BioSafe Drain Cleaner is a non-toxic, non-corrosive, and easy-to-use enzyme system that will keep your drain lines and septic systems flowing smoothly without the need for harmful chemicals.

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Enzymes or biologicals are used to eat away at the grease, oil, and organic matter (hair, food particles, and the like) that tends to build up in your pipes and drains over time.

You can use it to cure a slow drain, a clog, or even use it preventively to ensure your drain or septic system is always running smoothly.

Why should I use a BioSmart instead of a chemical drain cleaner like Drano?

As tempting as it is to cure a clogged drain with a highly corrosive cleaner like Drano or Liquid Plumber, they can actually do more harm than good to your drain lines or septic system. The corrosive natural of these products can actually damage your pipes, especially if they are PVC.
Chemical drain cleaners are also unsafe to store around children and pets, and are extremely hazardous when combined (usually accidentally) with another household cleaning product.
We especially recommend that you do not use a chemical drain cleaner to unclog a toilet. This is because the cleaner will remain in the toilet for some time, while the chemicals in the Liquid Plumber or Drano heat up. This could result in a cracked toilet bowl, or worst case scenario, a chemical reaction that will damage the whole system, sometimes even the wall behind the toilet.

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Even if you don’t experience this type of issue while using a chemical drain cleaner, the chemicals are still toxic and very harmful to the environment.
Why put your plumbing system, family, and environment at risk when you can use BioSmart instead?
Using BioSmart instead means that:
  • You can prevent clogs efficiently before they turn into a bigger problem.
  • You can safely store it at home without worrying about pets or children.
  • You can use it without harming the environment.
  • You can use it frequently without risking damage to your fixtures, drains, pipes, or septic system.

How do I use BioSmart?

BioSmart can be used preventatively to ensure you never have to deal with a pesky clogged drain. Simply use a small amount of BioSafe in each of your drains, once a month.

If you have a stubborn clog, don’t call a plumber just yet. Instead, check out our how-tos, including using BioSmart, for removing clogs and curing slow drains:

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Where can I purchase BioSmart?

Unfortunately, BioSmart cannot be purchased at your local hardware store. Good thing we have it available for our customers. We are proud to offer this great drain cleaning product to our customers. Inquire about BioSmart today!

You can also learn more about the other products that BioSmart has to offer by reading their BioRemediation Technology brochure.

At Canuck Plumbing and Heating, we believe in finding ways to decrease our carbon footprint and take care of your plumbing issues quickly and efficiently. We’ve been serving the plumbing needs of Edmonton and Fort Saskatchewan for over 15 years, so if you have an issue don’t hesitate to call us today 1-587-803-1030!

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